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Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Prince Harold from the Netherlands !

Hey everyone,

Today I want to show you something very special that I ordered a few days ago!

He is a famous boy and was in a French Magazine!
Called Maison Chic!

I absolutly adore this piece of beauty

His name is Prince Harold
And he is a white duck!
With a magical crown on his head!

I was looking for so long to find a
white stuffed duck like this one :-)

Now I am a happy owner of a royal beauty :-))))))

He will look awesome in my interior!

Now some pictures ...

Have a beautiful sunny day :-)
Quak quak ...

Pictures by Elian


  1. Wow....så utrolig vakker han var:)
    Utrolig nydelig og gratulerer så mye med det nye familiemedlemme:)
    Fortsatt herlig kveld
    Klem Merete

  2. Ganz toll ist er, dieser Prinz!
    Viel Deko-Spass damit!

  3. It looks very beautiful and I love it too.

    xoxox Rozmeen