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Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Happy Tuesday

Goodmorning lovely friends,

Today just a few images from my new table :-)

That I found a few day ago.

A small but beautiful table.

The last days a very special blog inspired me the blog from Amelie.

I just love her pictures.

She lives in a small apartment, but her style is unique ( LESS IS MORE )!

but no here is my beautiful table.

Isn't it a beauty? absolutly my syle.

I decorated the table with linnen a antique bridal wreath and my vintagebynina books.

Right next to the table stands my little basket.

//Marcelis <3


  1. Bordet var bare kjempe nydelig:)
    For et herlig funn:)
    Du er bare så utrolig flink til dette og inspirere oss andre:)
    Klem Merete

  2. Hi,

    LOVE your new table. The patina is beautiful.

    xoxo Rozmeen

  3. Hei

    So beautiful, your new table. Simple and wonderful decorated!

    Hugs Line