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Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013

BACK ... with a special thing!

Good evening my lovely people,

I am back with a new treasure ... only one reasure oh noo I got a lot of more treasures these days and the coming days ...

But I want to show you only one special piece today ....

She came yesterday the long way from Holland :-)

I am totally happy that I found her ...

Proudly presentig ... my new thin waist mannequin from the late 18th century ..

But I guess she feels alone ... so I will get next week a sister for her .. she is also a thin waist mannequin
and from the late 18th century ... she is as well a beauty and I cant wait to get her. :-)

I hope you like her, too :-))

And the next days I will show you my other treasures ...

Have a great week <3

Ps: A HAPPY WELCOME to my new followers ... <3 hope you will enjoy it here :-)

// Marcelis <3


  1. She is soooo lovely!!!!
    I am excited to see more of your new treasures.
    I have also found a lot of treasueres during the summmer. I will show them on my blog when they are placed.

    Hugs Line

  2. Nydelig Gine med utrolig mye sjarm:)
    Likte "henne" kjempe godt:)
    Skjønne bilder som alltid
    Fortsatt herlig sommerdager
    Klem Merete

  3. Oh wow Marcel, sie ist wunderschön!
    LG, Nicole