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Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

summer & guests ...

Good evening everyone,

I hope you all enjoy the summer day's.

Its really hot here in Germany we have most of the time 30°C up and this weekend its gonna be a very hot weekend 40°C. puuuuuuuuh ... but whatever, I just love Summer <3

Today, I painted our antique dining table, old white.

Now the table fits in the interior ... I dont like this dark brown it makes the room small ... now its a beauty.

Tonight, we have some guests .. I really love it to be surrounded with lovely and nice people.
Enjoy good meals and have a fun time together ... with lots of laughs :-))

Hope you all are doing well :-))

Hugs and Love
// Marcellis


  1. Nydelig bilde:)
    Og for et nydelig forside bilde du har fått:)
    Ja, det er godt å varmt i Norge nå også, så vi bare nyter og er så glad for sommeren:)
    Klem Merete

  2. Marcel
    40 degrees??

    Tre engler says it is hot in Norway. Not in my part of the country. We hav e had around 12-14 degrees, rain and fog all summer until now. Now it is around 18-22 degrees. But when the sun shinees it is perfect.

    So beautiful your table looks. And your decorating -LOVELY. Love your souvenirglass.I really would like to be your guest at that table.

    Wish you a lovely summerday

  3. Vakkert bilde! Jeg elsker sommeren jeg også, men på den kanten av landet hvor jeg bor har sommervarmen nettopp kommet!! Vi har hatt kalde, regnfulle dager, med temperaturer på under 15 grader!! Nå har vi endelig fått varmere temperaturer og nyter hver eneste solfylte dag:B
    Herlig!! Ønsker deg en strålende helg! Sommerklem