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Samstag, 29. März 2014

ranunculus and mannequins.

After a long time,
I am finally back.
With lots of amazing new antique treasures which I found through the weeks in France, United States and the Netherlands.

I'm so grateful to know such lovely people,
which support me in my passion for interior decorating.

I have wonderful plans for the future.
Which I will tell you later this year.

Now it's time for some favorite spring flowers 
ranunculus and a truely beautiful wasp waisted mannequin from France with a 20'inch waist ca. 49cm.
I also wait for her victorian corset which I purchased a few weeks ago in the United States.
She will look gorgeous in it.

Next time I will show you my great finds that I found on a landfill for free.
A antique mid. 18th century cream white rare backery cabinet and some beautiful baskets, chairs and lots of more stuff which stands lovely decorated in our kitchen.

Wish you all a great spring weekend.
Lots of love

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  1. Koselig å ha deg tilbake:}
    Savnet dine nydelige bilder:}
    Ha en fortsatt god helg
    Klem Merete