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Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

bewitching bridal wreath

A short story of the bridal wreaths:

In ancient Rome was the floral wreath a special headdress for the bridge.

In Germany we have to go back to the late 19th. Century,
before the bridal wreath were in conjunction with white wedding dresses and magic veils.

The bridal wreath were often made from delicate fabric flowers in different colors from
pale blue till pale pink over rose, champagne and white.

They were often richly decorated with wonderful shiny pearls.

The veil was attached to the wreath, before it was put in the hair.

The wreaths were considered, particularly fine, and especially the higher bourgeoisie took
on this new fashion from France.

French Flowers:

Because of their origin these flowers were called “french flowers“.

They are extremly varied, and the varations ranged from rose petals to leavly trendils.

The bridal wreaths stands for a symbol as...
fertility, virginity and chastity.

Have a wonderful sunny sunday ... soon the winner of my contest will be crowned.

I have found my antique french briday wreath from the late 19th. Century in a vintage shop.

Hugs and Love
// Marcellis <3

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  1. Dieses Kränzchen ist aber schön, Marcel!
    Toller Fund!
    Darf ich dir sagen dass die Schrift sehr klein ist, oder vielleicht liegt es auch an meinen Augen(ha ha).
    Eine Schöne Woche wünscht dir,