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Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Mercury Glass

         Good evening to all of you,

          Today I want to show you,
       3 new mercury glass candlesticks,
        that arrived today from Austria.

I ordered these day's alot of mercury glass,
     I bought 6 candlesticks, 3 cups, 
  and 2 holy statues made out of mercury.

      So excited to get them these day's.

  I love the simple but brightful design of 
         those mercury glass things.
    So lovely to collect and to decorate.

3 new mercury candlesticks!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

//Marcelis <3


  1. Nydelig bilde som allti:)
    Svaner var nydelig:)
    Ha en herlig helg
    Klem Merete

  2. Mercury glass is always beautiful!
    Love your bird, and as always, - your styling!


  3. Ja ich hatte das schöne Bild ja schön auf Fb bewundert.
    Ich mag das alte (Silber)Glas ja auch sehr und habe schön oft auf Ebay versucht zu bieten, aber leider...
    aber das macht nichts, irgendwann....
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes WE(hier Regen, leider!)
    LG, Nicole

  4. So it!
    Did you already sold your pierrot......I mailed about the price because I didn't know how much to ask for this.......still love it.
    Also looking for a salt thing I saw below here.....from porselein........hope you can find one for me....or if you want to sell yours...;)
    Fine evening

  5. Like your mercury glass.
    Love your pictures.
    Adore your duck.
    Have a wonderful weekend