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Sonntag, 1. September 2013

              Hey my Lovely's,

        I only want to wish you all,
           a beautiful new week!

        This weekend was a great one, 
    we went to a huge antique fair today.

             It was a great market, 
 I found lots of antique beautiful treasures.

That I will show you later the upcoming weeks.

Found this antique wooden car, from the late
  18th century, that I will decorate for 
         christmas under a tree ... 
       it will look gorgeous I think.

It survived 2 world war's and it still look
                 so good!

          Also beautiful to decorate
          for a vintage boy bedroom.

Have a great Sunday evening and a wonderful
                upcoming week.

//Marcelis <3


  1. Hey Marcel,

    your blog became so beautiful. I love it. I'm crazy about old toys. Especially boys toys. I try to collect them. How special yours survived two world wars. Who would have played it. I think children of wealthy parents. Sorry for my bad translation of English and I wish you a nice week

    love Sanne

  2. Nydelig bilde som alltid og for en vakker gammel bil:)
    Ha en herlig uke:)
    Klem Merete

  3. Wirklich schön dieser Wagen! Und besonder(sagt man das überhaupt so?)
    Bin gespannt was du noch gefunden hast!
    LG, Nicole