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Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

victorian times & exames.

It's a while ago since I was active here on Blogger.

That was, because alot of things happen in my life right now.

Tomorrow I have my last exam and then I am done ( for first )!
I do will enjoy the summer holidays and will travel alot to France, Belgium etc. to hunt for the most glorious antique treasures.

By the way 'treasures' my latest purchase comes from France and its an antique Victorian 1870s tournure ball gown.
made out of silk, fine cotton, lace and tulle. 

I do come more addicted to antique victorian dresses, corsets, shoes and mannequins.

I love the victorian luxury lifestyle, it makes the home more comfortable and unique.

Now I have to hurry time for bed, tomorrow is the big day.
I wish you all a wonderful evening and a blessed weekend.

See you soon.


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